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Get Visitor's Digital Name Card by Reed Connect App!


Exhibitor can easily get digital name card from interested visitor by simply scan visitor's badge card by Reed Connect App. With the app, exhibitor can take quick notes based on your onsite communication for follow up.

1. Scan the QR Code or go to App store to download‘Reed Connect’

2. Click "Me" , and go to exhibitor login Enter your account and password that the organizer has provided for you, select CDATF 2020 show.

3. Then you are in the Lead Generator now!

Scan -  activate your camera to scan

Sync -  Synchronize the data on the other devices

Leads -  view and edit name card box

derive - service export all contact information

4. Data synchronization instructions

Because show admin needs time to manually input the data for onsite visitor, before all data is ready in system, data line will show as "Inputting" status. Whenever data update is completed,you can re-in this page and get the data.